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Maycube Demos is a portfolio site showcasing some of the works Tao has built, including mobile applications, Adobe FLEX/AIR based web applications, mobile or mobile friendly websites and Flash based websites.

My Photos

Maycube Photo

Maycube Photo is a website where Tao and Bing share their photography experience, highlighting some of their favourite photos that they have taken. The site is flash based and is being revised to be more mobile friendly.

My Blog

My Blog

<Thinking in Balance> is Tao's blog, which mainly focuses on developing technical skills and discussing user interface and user experience design for multiple platforms, especially focus upon discussions for mobile device application and web platform design.

Contact Me<

Contact Me

If you want to give Tao comments and suggestions, please feel free to use the contact form to leave Tao a message. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

Maycube, the mobile way

Welcome is a portal to all of the websites created by Tao. Tao is a Web and mobile developer who develops rich Internet and mobile applications on multiple platforms .

Visit on your smart phone's browser to see how mobile friendly the site is.