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Hi! I'm Tao, a Web/mobile developer.

Why you should hire me?

I have some reasons for you to discover. Let's swipe to next page ->

1. Experience

I have 15 years of software development experience. This is not my CV, just some highlights to keep this short:

  • UI and UX design: See the UI and feel the UX with this site, you'll recognize some of the enhancements to other designs.
  • Mobile app development: Different platforms and different screen size are challenges to overcome, I have good experience and solutions to meet these challenges.
  • Clients: I'm not only good at listening to the client's requirements, but I am also good at observing how clients work, leading to helping them build their requirements based on what they need.

2. Thinking

As a developer, I'm not just coding all the time. Sometimes I stop coding to spend time for thinking and planning. Because:

  • Keeping on coding lets me move forward, but sometimes thinking and planning lets me move further ahead and faster in the long run.
  • I believe that programming is kind of art, not just a job. Art needs thinking.

Visit my Blog: Thinking in balance for interesting reading, and to give yourself time to think.

3. Skills

  • Basic: CSS, XML, XHTML, javaScript, jQuery
  • Server side: PHP
  • Database: SQL(MS SQL server, MySQL, and SQLite) or NO_SQL(Amazon simpleDB)
  • Cross platform: Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, and Action Script 3.0
  • Mobile development: PhoneGap, jQueryMobile, Adobe AIR for mobile

3b. More skills

Web Services? Yes! Social media? Yes!

Let's see some dynamic Twitter searching:

More skills can be found from my resume. Fill out the Contact Form and I will send you my resume, and we can have a fuller discussion.

4. Dive into Mobile

Mobile is the future, do NOT start too late.

  • The user market is growing swiftly and revolutionary in their needs and wants.
  • The implication for opportunities for building new ideas and services is richest at this time.

I'm good at mobile applications development, and enjoy discovering how to meet new uses through developing applications.

4b. Mobile apps development

To “cross platform” or not to “cross platform”… That is the question… I choose cross platform technologies such as PhoneGap and Adobe AIR. Here is why:

  • Outstanding apps depend on solid code and smooth UX design, but have nothing to do with programming languages.
  • Cross platform programming save the cost (time and human resources).
  • Cross platform apps provide better user experience through maintaining the same experience, no matter what device and system is used.

I'm good at cross platform mobile apps development on:

  • Android (1.x, 2.x)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • BlackBerry Widgets and BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Symbian (QT, Nokia WRT, Sony Ericsson)
  • HP/Palm WebOS

5. Learning & Development

I'm a good and fast learner.

  • I learn because I love amazing new things.
  • I enjoy solving challenges and problems through learning.
  • I experience innovation in the learning process.
  • I love to learn from the team and share my knowledge with team members.

6. Passion

My passion for computer and Internet technologies gives me endless power to do my work better.

  • I think about my design when I'm doing dishes or taking shower.
  • Troubles, difficulties and failures, can never stop me for finding better solutions, as they are just learnings that a different path in the design must be taken.
  • I like to restructure and tune my accomplished work when I have time.
  • I always pay serious attention to details.


Thanks for your time.

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